7 Tips to Manage Labor Law Posters with Limited Resources

By Kris Janisch
Published July 4, 2022

Manage Labor Law Posters with Limited Resources

Keeping up with all the changes takes a keen eye, thorough processes and knowledge of how to manage hundreds, or even thousands, of locations.

How do you manage labor law posters with limited resources?

As employees continue to move on to other organizations, or simply resign, you can be left with a vacuum when it comes to labor law postings compliance.

If you’re in a similar situation, new to a postings compliance role or are simply looking for help in streamlining your process, check out these tips below to manage labor law posters with limited resources.

  1. Learn the Basics

Maintaining compliance with labor law posters is more than making sure your locations have the latest versions. Labor law posters have requirements about:

  • Where they’re displayed
  • Ensuring job candidates can see certain postings
  • Whether a certain percentage of your employees speak a different language
  • Fill-in-the blank sections in some cases

Fill-in-the-Blank Posting Guide

  1. Track New Postings

Once you have a plan for maintaining a compliant labor law poster program, you have to determine where to find updated postings. Scour government websites where you have locations. They’re usually noted and able to be downloaded.

Meanwhile, you always have to be on the lookout for new employment laws, which may have labor law posting or notice requirements.

Labor Law Poster Management. Simplified.

  1. Plan Ahead for Updates

Many jurisdictions release posting updates in advance, sometimes up to several months before the associated law changes. Research the laws in jurisdictions where you have locations to get ahead of the game.

Bonus tip: Minimum wage laws often update at the beginning or middle of the year, giving you some sense of when to check for updated postings.

  1. Outsource Your Program

The simplest way to manage a labor law posting program is through a vendor.

Outsourcing your program helps reduce the risk of non-compliance, frees you up for other tasks and often comes with safeguards against fines.

About 98 percent of large employers outsource poster compliance.

  1. Develop an Auditing Plan

Perhaps the hardest part of managing a labor law poster program with a stretched-thin team is auditing your locations’ posters.

Fortunately, many labor law posters come equipped with QR codes, which will tell location managers whether they’re up to date.

Take the time to communicate to location mangers how they can check whether their poster is compliant.

  1. Post on Your Intranet

With more employees working from home, you shouldn’t neglect your remote workers. Be sure to post updated labor law posters to your company’s intranet, or make them available through other electronic means, to ensure they have access.

Reach Your Remote Employees with Digital Labor Law Postings.

  1. There Are No Shortcuts

Less of a tip and more a statement of fact, there are no shortcuts when it comes to managing a labor law poster program. Educate yourself on the basics to help reduce your risk of noncompliance.


With employers struggling to maintain continuity across their organization, labor law poster compliance can become a major challenge.

These tips are just the beginning. The complexities of postings management will continue to grow in the future, as mandatory updates have been increasing annually.

Keeping up with all the changes takes a keen eye, thorough processes and knowledge of how to manage hundreds, or even thousands, of locations.

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