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[PRESS RELEASE] GovDocs Introduces Minimum Wage Rate App

By Erica Kritsberg

Published on June 19, 2017

Employment Law Management Solution Simplifies the Process of Identifying, Applying and Communicating Wage Changes for All Company Locations

ST. PAUL, MINN. (June 18, 2017) – GovDocs, one of the leading employment law management providers in the U.S., announces the release of GovDocs Minimum Wage, a new web-based application that provides the most up-to-date minimum wage rate data for all company locations.

The new tool uses the company’s location list and other key details, including number of employees, annual revenue and industry, to determine the applicable minimum wage rates for each of its locations.

Users – including compensation, payroll, human resources and legal professionals – access high-level state and local minimum wage rates from an interactive map. For in-depth information, they can reference jurisdiction-specific pages with definitions, exemptions and exclusions, underlying laws and statutes, wage increase schedules and more.

In addition, GovDocs Minimum Wage notifies users of future changes occurring in their locations, including new and updated minimum wage rates.

“We’re thrilled to introduce GovDocs Minimum Wage to the employment law management market,” GovDocs CEO Zach Stabenow explains. “We’ve taken our strong research and knowledge of labor laws to develop a data tool to help our clients easily manage ongoing minimum wage rates in real-time according to their specific locations.”

Legally, employers must pay employees the correct minimum wage according to their location. Companies with hundreds – or thousands – of locations must stay on top of the latest federal, state, county and city minimum wages, as well as determine which rate applies to each. This manual, error-prone process has potential to expose companies to risks like back wage payment, litigation or loss of brand integrity.

Stabenow continues, “GovDocs Minimum Wage is a response to this challenge, offering easy access to accurate, real-time minimum wage rates specific to a company’s locations. Not only does the app provide current minimum wage rate info, its predictive functionality notifies users of future rate changes, as well.”

You can find more on GovDocs Minimum Wage here.

GovDocs Minimum Wage Debuts at SHRM17

GovDocs’ product consultants are available to discuss GovDocs Minimum Wage at SHRM 2017 Sunday, June 18, through Tuesday, June 20 in New Orleans. Attendees are encouraged to visit GovDocs Booth 519 to view a live demo and learn more about GovDocs employment law management solutions.

Visit the GovDocs SHRM17 page here.

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