Puerto Rico Now Requiring Employers to Display Posters Detailing the Dangers of Forgetting Minors in Vehicles

By Hannah Opheim
Published Jan. 9, 2024

Puerto Rico Law to Prevent Minors from being Left in Vehicles Act GovDocs

Puerto Rico recently passed the Law to Prevent Minors from being Left in Vehicles Act. It requires employers to display a poster in the workplace reminding employees not to leave children unattended in their vehicles.

What is the Puerto Rico Law to Prevent Minors from being Left in Vehicles Act?

Do you know where your baby is?  

This might seem like a peculiar question for most of us, but Puerto Rico takes this topic very seriously. The recently passed Law to Prevent Minors from being Left in Vehicles Act requires employers to display in the workplace a poster reminding employees not to leave children unattended in their vehicles. 

A Plan for Protecting Puerto Rico’s Youth 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), on an annual average, 27 children under the age of 14 will die when left unattended in a vehicle, with most of these cases involving children three years old or younger. 

So how does this relate to employment law? In Puerto Rico, an educational program managed by the Commission for Traffic and Safety (CTS) is working to generate awareness for the dangers of forgetting children in vehicles. This program includes posting requirements for employers.  

The new Puerto Rico law requires employers to display posters that ask employees if they know where they left their baby in “visible places with a high flow of people or public such as: main entrances, bulletin boards, attendance registration area, restroom areas, and cafeteria and dining room if the public or private entity has such facilities.”  

GovDocs released this poster to its customers in December 2023.  All employers in Puerto Rico are required to display this poster.   

It is the goal of this educational program, implemented by Puerto Rico and its relevant agencies, to make the public more aware of their actions when they have children in their cars.

Puerto Rico Labor Law Posting Requirements 

In addition to federal labor law postings, employers in Puerto Rico are required to display a variety of other workplace postings to remain compliant with Puerto Rico employment law, including:

  • LPR01 – Labor Standards (Spanish) (Negociado De Normas de Trabajo)
  • LPR02 – Discrimination (Spanish)
  • LPR04 – Puerto Rico Occupational Safety and Health Act (Spanish)
  • LPR05 – (SINOT) Seguro Por Incapacidad No Ocupacional Temporal
  • LPR09 – Restrictions on Use of Social Security Numbers
  • LPR10 – Bill of Rights of Working Women (Private)
  • LPR12 – Workplace Harassment and Bullying Protocols
  • LPR13 – Notificacion Sobre la Disponibilidad de Beneficios del Seguro por Desempleo
  • LPR14 – ¿Dónde dejaste a tu bebé? (Where Did You Leave Your Baby?)

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