Salary History Ban Amendment Takes Effect in Albany County

By Kelsey Basten

Published on December 28, 2017

Albany, NY joined the growing list of local legislations with Salary History Ban laws. The law took effect on Dec. 17, 2017.

Furthermore, the new law amends the Albany County Human Rights Law to include a ban on employers from asking about a job applicant’s salary history. It applies to employers with four or more employees and employment agencies. In summary, employers are banned from:

  • Screening job applicants based on their current or past wages, benefits or other forms of compensation
  • Requiring that an applicant’s past wages meet a minimum or maximum set of criteria
  • Requesting or requiring applicants to disclose salary history as a condition of being interviewed or considered for an offer of employment
  • Seeking an applicant’s salary history from his or her current or former employers

However, the law states if an employer extends an offer of employment, the employer can then confirm the applicant’s salary history with the applicant’s written consent.

Other local legislations with similar laws include New York City, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, Oregon, Puerto Rico, California and San Francisco.

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