San Francisco Releases New Employment Discrimination Posting

The City of San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission released a new posting required for all employers with a business tax registration certificate from the City or that hold contracts with the City.

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The new San Francisco workplace discrimination notice informs employees and independent contractors that employers and persons engaging the services of an independent contractor are prohibited from discriminating against protected persons during recruitment, hiring, training, promotion and termination.

The posting points out that retaliation for filing complaints of discrimination is illegal and the employers must provide reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities. Additionally, the posting reiterates that City contractors must offer equal benefits to employees with domestic partners.

Which San Francisco Workers are Protected from Employment Discrimination?

Article 33 of the San Francisco Police Code prohibits employers from taking adverse employment action against protected classes of individuals based on:

  • Race / Color / National origin / Place of birth
  • Marital status
  • Ancestry
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Religion / Creed
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation / Gender identity
  • Weight / Height

An employer commits unlawful discrimination by refusing to hire, firing, under-compensating, or making less favorable terms of employment for workers protected by the Article.

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San Francisco City Posters

The GovDocs San Francisco City Poster Package includes postings by required for employers and businesses providing contracted services to the City of San Francisco:

  • San Francisco Minimum Wage (6-Language version)
  • San Francisco Paid Sick Leave (6-Language version)
  • San Francisco No Smoking
  • San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (6-Language version)
  • San Francisco Family Friendly Workplace (6-Language version)
  • San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance posting
  • San Francisco Employment Discrimination is Against the Law

Subscribers to the GovDocs blog can use coupon code BLOG20 to save 20% on the San Francisco City Poster Compliance Package.

City Postings in the U.S.

Currently more than 40 cities require postings for some or all employers, and GovDocs monitors more those and a dozen more cities in the U.S. for new postings and posting updates. City posting coverage is just another reason why North America’s largest employers trust GovDocs for ongoing posting compliance.

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4 replies
  1. Stephen kloster
    Stephen kloster says:

    Discriminated harassed by officers in sffd not welcome in fire dept due to full blown aids unable to work based on made up reports from Dr in fire dept have not been able to work since Sept 10 2014

  2. J
    J says:

    How about companies like Upwork that refuse anyone that won’t submit a head shot.
    This was the most absurd thing I ever encountered in my life.
    Sorry I should have pointed out Upwork is a technology company. They NOT some movie/TV actor recruiter.
    Remember what you look like like is important as to determine if you are a qualified programmer etc.
    To me asking for a photo is like asking your age, race, gender, handicapped, are you pretty or ugly.
    If saying no photo no you will not be considered is not illegal discrimination in an industry where a photo has no bearing to skills it sure should be.
    Note this seems to be a Heini Zachariassen CEO policy but hey I guess he thinks he is sexy the way he has got his picture plastered all over the place.

    • Chaunce Stanton
      Chaunce Stanton says:

      Interesting take! The critical difference is that potential freelancers aren’t employees of Upwork, so requiring a photo to participate in a web-based / social-driven platform wouldn’t constitute discrimination. Have you considered using a fake photo? Or does Upwork verify your appearance via Skype?

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