Criminal Record No Barrier to State Jobs in Georgia

Georgia Governor’s Executive Order “Bans the Box” for State Jobs.

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Georgia Governor Nathan Deal issued an Executive Order that prohibits state agencies from eliminating candidates from hiring consideration based solely on criminal background. Georgia state agencies will adjust hiring practices so that the application and interview process encourages full participation of qualified persons, regardless of their criminal history.

U.S. States that Ban the Box

Although Georgia’s “ban the box” effort doesn’t extend to private workplaces, the move signals a nationwide effort to adjust hiring practices to consider applicants who may have criminal backgrounds. In the U.S., 100 cities and counties have adopted “ban the box” legislation to provide applicants a fair chance by removing the conviction history question on the job application and delaying the background check inquiry until later in the hiring. Georgia joins thirteen other States “ban the box”, including:

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  • California (2013, 2010)
  • Colorado (2012)
  • Connecticut (2010)
  • Delaware (2014)
  • Georgia (2015)
  • Hawaii (1998)
  • Illinois (2014, 2013)
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  • Maryland (2013)
  • Massachusetts (2010)
  • Minnesota (2013, 2009)
  • Nebraska (2014)
  • New Jersey (2014)
  • New Mexico (2010)
  • Rhode Island (2013)
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The Georgia “Ban the Box” Executive Order would be good news for Georgia-born Prettyboy Floyd (Charles Floyd) if he were: a). alive, and b). in the market for a job in Georgia state government. Prettyboy who was born in Adairsville, Georgia. After Johnny Law plugged John Dillinger in 1934, Prettyboy Floyd became Public Enemy No. 1. He was skilled in payroll and transportation, but he wasn’t much of a bookkeeper.

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