New York 2015 Minimum Wage Increase

New York State’s minimum wage increases to $8.75 per hour effective December 31, 2014.

The New York minimum wage for 2015 is the second step toward a $9.00 minimum wage for 2016. The $8.75 minimum wage rate for 2015 is a 75-cent increase over the 2014 rate of $8.00. The New York State legislature recently voted down a Bill that pushed a $10.10 minimum wage.

New York Tipped Minimum Wage Workers

The basic minimum wage for New York tipped employees remains unchanged at least through 2016. Each tipped worker category has a different base wage and tip credit amount effective December 31, 2015:

New York Tipped Worker Category Base Wage Tip Credit
Food Service Workers $5.00 $3.75
Service Employees $5.65 $3.10
Resort Hotel Service Employees $4.90 $3.85

The value of tips allowed to be credited toward meeting the increased minimum wage also increases to accommodate the difference. In other words, employers won’t have to pay tipped minimum wage workers more as long as the workers earn more than the difference between the base tipped minimum wage and the basic minimum wage.

New York Minimum Wage Poster

Although the New York Department of Labor announced the rate increase, the new posting required for New York workplaces will not be released until the first effective day (December 31, 2014). Once the new minimum wage posting is released, GovDocs will offer it as part of our New York Poster Compliance Package along with other workplace postings required for New York employers:

  • Minimum Wage Information
  • Discrimination
  • Laws Governing the Employment of Minors (Child Labor)
  • Time Allowed To Vote
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Deduction from Wages
  • Tip Appropriation
  • No Smoking
  • New York Correction Law Article 23-A

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New York Wage Orders

Certain New York employers must adhere to industry-specific deviations from the State’s standard minimum wage and hours worked, including those businesses categorized as:



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