Oregon: New State and City Paid Sick Leave Laws

Employers in Oregon need to know about a new statewide Paid Sick Leave law and its effect on similar measures in Portland and Eugene.

The State of Oregon enacted a Paid Sick Leave law that takes effect January 1, 2016, and it may trump similar laws at the municipal level in Oregon.

  • Portland already has a similar law in effect – the Portland Protected Sick Time Ordinance. The new Oregon State law will incorporate Portland’s rules into it by carving out exceptions for cities with over 500,000 in population. Portland’s notice is applicable until January 1, 2016. After January 1, it is believed that the State law requirements will be applicable and the Portland rules & posting will be repealed.
  • Eugene had passed a city Paid Sick Leave ordinance that was set to be in effect on July 1, 2015, however the State bill explicitly preempts all local governments’ sick leave requirements and Eugene’s ordinance will be repealed.

Oregon Paid Sick Leave Posting Requirements

The law requires a written notice to be provided to employees regarding the requirements of the new Oregon Paid Sick Leave law. However, GovDocs Compliance Research Counsel, Anne Jakala, Esq. said there is no language explicitly defining whether that notice must be posted or provided in person.

“We anticipate the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries is expected to provide a template notice, but GovDocs will continue to monitor the Bureau of Labor and Industries for the release of any further clarification regarding this law.” Anne Jakala, Esq.

U.S. City Posting Requirements

More than 40 municipal governments in the U.S. have issued notices that employers must display in workplaces – and the trend is increasing. Cities like San Francisco, Seattle, Albuquerque, and Philadelphia have all issued ordinances that affect workers in those cities with corresponding labor law postings.

GovDocs provides ongoing labor law posting compliance coverage for North America’s largest employers. Under our Update Program, employers receive the latest Federal, State, and City required postings automatically and at no extra charge. This takes the guesswork out of posting compliance for large companies with locations in multiple cities and states.


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