What’s the Difference Between Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Changes? Part 2

Utah State Capitol

Utah State Capitol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a typical scenario: your business receives an email, telephone call, or a snail-mail letter telling you that posters for your state have changed and that your posters are now out of compliance.

How can you be sure that they aren’t just feeding you a line? After all, they’re in business to sell as many posters as possible.

Three recent employment posting changes to Utah state postings serve as a good example. Several GovDocs’ competitors listed these changes as mandatory changes requiring customers with locations in Utah to purchase new posters.

  • Workers’ Compensation Notice (English): Verbiage addition to the poster that states employees have 180 days to give notice of injury. (Utah law has required the 180-day limit for more than 10 years. The English version now mirrors the 180-day language already found on the Spanish version.)
  • Workers’ Compensation Notice (Spanish): Reformatting/slight text changes.
  • Workplace Safety and Health in the State of Utah: Includes language that whistleblower complaints must be filed within 30 days.

GovDocs uses a very thorough research methodology when it comes to determining whether a posting change is mandatory or not. Our Research Department delved deeper with qualified members of the Utah Occupational Safety and Health (Utah OSHA) and confirmed that the three changes mentioned above are not mandatory changes, and Utah employers who display the previous version of each of these posting are in compliance.

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, postings in the U.S. experience more than 200 labor law changes each year, but government issuing agencies deem approximately only 40% as mandatory changes requiring replacement of existing postings or the addition of new postings.

If you’re responsible for keeping a few locations compliant with labor law posting requirements, you many not mind spending an extra $30 here and there just to be “on the safe side.” But if you’re responsible for hundreds – or thousands – of locations, posting updates can be an expensive and confusing proposition.

GovDocs eliminates unnecessary spending on labor law postings and logistics for large, multi‐location employers with extreme accuracy.

That’s why many large employers – including 30% of Fortune 50 companies – rely on GovDocs to keep current with the latest state and federal labor law posting requirements. GovDocs actively monitors all changes from more than 500 state and federal agencies in order to provide complete and accurate posters that keep our customers compliant.

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